Signal Hill Circular » Signal Hill Circular - April 23, 2021

Signal Hill Circular - April 23, 2021

Signal Hill Circular

for the week ended Friday April 23, 2021

We are honored to be living, working and playing on the traditional, unceded ancestral territories of the St'át'yemc Nation.


Message from SHE Admin
Dear Signal Hill Families,

At Signal Hill we believe everyday is Earth Day! That said, since 1970, April 22 is officially marked Earth Day. This is a day we highlight environment issues around the globe. People celebrate Earth Day by planting trees, picking up trash, and doing a deep dive on sustainable living. It is a day to highlight how we take care of our planet. We look at what we have done in the past, what we are doing now and our future plans to care for our planet. We believe change can start here! 


Our Young Stewards of Planet 
We at Signal Hill want to extend a warm welcome to our new clerical Kristyna Butler. Kristyna is a Pemberton local and Signal Hill alumni who is coming to us from the banking industry. We want to send a fond farewell to our departing clerical Cassandra Ruhle. We wish Cassandra the best as she is off to Jasper to continue her career in the hospitality industry.
Have a wonderful weekend exploring nature,
SHE Admin team


Host families

A message from our Ucwalmicts teacher:
Here is a link to a video to practice how yo introduce oneself.
Skícza7ul Heather Joseph

A message from our Cultural teacher:
Here is a YouTube video of a plant walk at One Mile. These plants can be found in Whistler at all 3 schools and You've had a chance to see the video, have a walk around One Mile!
YouTube Channel Tanina Rose Williams amawilc 

Ms. Penney's class participating in the SLRD Waste Management interactive inquiry zoom:


Our Earth Day Squad



PAC and students pitching in to start primary student garden beds!:



Check out our Squid Dissection activity!:

FApplications are now open for the 2021 Student Art Award – please read on for important changes to the program.

Changes to the award process in 2021:

  • Due to the ongoing uncertainty and public health orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 award recipients will be decided by representatives from each school. There will be no showcase or portfolio viewing facilitated by Arts Whistler in 2021.
  • Applications must be submitted by each student via the online portal. This allows Arts Whistler to still collect important information from each applicant.
  • After applications have closed I will email you a complete list of applications and suggested jury criteria so you can make your decision on who the award recipient will be from your school. The winner must be picked from this list of applicants provided.

See below for a timeline of important dates for the award jury process this year. If you school is unable to meet this timeline (below) or any of the points laid out above please let me know by Friday, April 9. This may mean that unfortunately your school cannot participate in the award this year.

  • May 9 | Student applications close at 5pm
  • May 10 | Imogen emails submitted applications to each school
  • May 10 - 18 | School (or school awards committee) chooses ONE winner for the award
  • May 19 | School emails Imogen the winners name
  • May 20 - 27 | AW makes arrangements for cheques, certificates and plaque engraving (if required)
  • June 1 - 4 | Cheques and certificates are delivered to each school

All this information, award eligibility, and the online application portal can be found:

New App Simplifies Students‘ Daily Health Check

Thanks to a new app, it's easier than ever for your students or their parents to complete their daily health check each morning.

Developed in partnership with Public Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control, and a group of students, the K-12 daily health check website and mobile app help students and families make the best decisions on whether to attend school, stay home, or take other measures. Questions and answers are easy to understand and are based on current health guidelines. All content is written with the K-12 age group in mind.

As indicated in the Provincial COVID-19 Health Safety Guidelines for K-12 Settings, parents and caregivers should assess their children daily for illness before sending them to school. Please share the information about the new K-12 Health Check App with your students and families to make this process easier.

Visit the PAC Pages here.

Dear Families,
The new hot lunch session is available to order. Forms are in teachers' mailboxes today so you can expect to receive them today or on Monday. Orders are due by end of day Thursday.

In February the menu for the Hot Lunch Fundraising Program began including an option to donate towards meals for students who haven’t been able, financially, to previously participate or, due to recent challenges, haven’t been able to continue to. It is taking some time to figure out the best system to get food to the students who need it…. So far, we have been adding hot lunch items to the fabulous fridge in the hall that is already being stocked with things like sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, cheese, bars, and milk through assistance from the food bank. Anyone in the school is welcome to the food in the fridge, and it has been seeing lots of use from folks who come either without any or without enough lunch/snacks to get them through a day of learning.

Sometimes though, you just want your child to receive a chocolate milk, slice of pizza, hot dog, burrito or sushi roll like other kids in their class when it gets delivered! For this next session, if you would like your student to be included in the program but aren’t able to cover the cost, we are going to try this: please order online as per the instructions below, or via the paper form that comes home with your student. If your paper form is returned without payment (to the PAC mailbox on the wall next to the library where all order forms go) we will know that you need it to be covered this session. If you order online and can’t pay, leave it unpaid and after a few weeks the hot lunch coordinators will take care of the account. Please make sure to include the important details of the student’s name, class, etc on the forms so that the food makes it to the right place!

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC – which each of you are automatically members of simply by having a student in the school, even if you never attend an official meeting!) is grateful for all the contributions to date and is looking forward to increasing the inclusiveness at Signal Hill.

  1. To order online:
    Go to to register (You need a new account each year.)
  2. On the home page, search for our school, create a new account, and enter the school access code which is currently SHE2020
  3. Add students by name and class
  4. Place your orders for the current session.
  5. All orders are due by Thursday of the week before the menu item is delivered. Order all at once for best efficiency. You can make changes online up to midnight the Thursday before.

Questions, concerns, suggestions? Email [email protected]

The students at Signal Hill are doing a great job of  creating a sense of belonging for their friends and fellow peers.  High five to all our staff and students doing a great job at SHE!  

Creating positive and welcoming spaces for others is a great way to help others feel included. However,  It requires that you make an effort to help others feel that they are a part of your group.

Feeling a sense of belonging is a vital component to mental health and human survival. People who feel a sense of belonging thrive in challenging situations. For example, learning about someone else’s interests, hobbies and even culture is a great way to make someone else feel included.

Brainstorm storm three ways in which you can help others feel a sense of belonging.