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Welcome to Kindergarten! Please check out our informative video below. We are looking forward to getting to know all of our new students at Signal Hill Elementary this Fall!

Kindergarten Gradual Entry


Staff at Signal Hill Elementary (SHE) carefully plan a gradual transition to full day kindergarten. This important transition phase is aimed to set up students for success for the rest of their school years and involves a variety of visits, communications, and opportunities to connect young children and their families with Signal Hill before beginning the first day of full day kindergarten.


Gradual Entry means your child will have a focused time to connect with their kindergarten teacher and gently build new social/emotional foundations for the elementary school context. This developmental model of transition allows children and teachers to work in smaller groups, adapting to the new learning environment that the Full Day Kindergarten Program offers.  Teachers will be introducing children to classroom routines and procedures and easing the transition in a more personalized way so your child feels comfortable and valued as a new member of the Signal Hill School Community.


At Signal Hill, we take the time to get to know all of the kindergarten students before setting 
class lists. This helps us create balanced classes that take into account everyone’s individual needs.


One Hour Group Session:

The group sessions provide the kindergarten teachers a chance to meet your child in a classroom environment. In these sessions, your child will participate in various activities such as storytelling, drawing, and learning through play. Your child will also be given the opportunity to become oriented with the different kindergarten classrooms and begin to familiarize themselves with their new school. These group sessions are vital to the creation and composition of the kindergarten classes and are a great opportunity to gradually begin student understanding of learning in their new school.


Two-Hour Classroom Orientation Sessions:

The two-hour classroom orientation sessions will allow your child to become familiar with their new teacher, classmates, classroom environment, and school routines. These orientation sessions will focus on activities that encourage all members of the class community to get to know each other. Your child will engage in playful songs, stories, games, and play-based learning experiences that will inspire positive interactions and relationships. This orientation session will provide your child with opportunities to start the school year in a fun and positive way.


In conclusion, it is an honor and privilege to welcome children to kindergarten at SHE. We look forward to meeting each child as we start the learning journey from kindergarten to graduation.  Know that we care deeply.  We will take great care as we nurture and guide kindergarten children and families in their first steps of the SHE learning journey.


Signal Hill Kindergarten Gradual Entry September 2023 
Tuesday, September 5th - Kindergarten students do not attend school    
Wednesday, September 6th Thursday, September 7th or Friday, September 8th  
Students visit room 124 for two one hour sessions with Kindergarten teachers.  
Please call the school at 604-894-6378 to sign up for your child’s first sessions. 
Friday afternoon: Kindergarten teachers will call you to let you know which teacher/classroom your child will be in and set up and interview with you and your child for Monday and Tuesday.  
Monday September 11th and Tuesday, September 12th 
Students come to their new Kindergarten classroom for a two hour session on the Monday AND the Tuesday.  Each child will attend TWO sessions, either a morning (9 am to 11 am) or an afternoon (1 pm to 3 pm) session on each day.   
Wednesday, September 13th  
Kindergarten students will start their first regular length school day with their whole class!  8:45 am – 2:58 pm.